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NHCS Dress code and UNIfORMS 



  • There is no uniform for our preschool students. 

  • We do, however, ask that children dress comfortably in clothes that will allow them to participate in all school activities. 

  • While we do our best to keep students clean, children regularly take part in art activities, so please dress your children in clothes that may get a little dirty during the day. 


  • Students may wear slippers, crocs, sandals, and shoes daily. 

  • For safety, we do ask that girls not wear sandals with heels or sandals that may be slippery on our tiled floors.

  • Students should only wear laced up athletic shoes if they know how to tie their own shoes. 


  • Each student will be given an excursion shirt at the beginning of the school year (prior to our first excursion).

  • On every excursion, PS students are required to wear: 

    • their excursion shirt,

    • any type of bottoms (shorts, jeans, leggings, or what every is comfortable and appropriate for the location of excursion),

    • and covered athletic shoes (no sandals, slippers, croc, etc). 


Elementary and Middle School


NHCS Elementary and Middle School wear their regular school uniform on

Tues, Wed, and Thurs each week. The regular school uniform includes:  

  • NHCS polo shirt

  • knee length walking shorts, long pants, jeans, and skirts for girls.  

    • All bottoms must be a solid color. ​

    • Bottoms may be any shade of blue, black, white, grey, or khaki brown.

    • No athletic shorts, joggers, sweatpants or leggings may be worn.

  • Athletic shoes and socks are required for PE.  Daily student can wear Athletic shoes, sandals w/backstraps, Crocs w/backstrap behind foot. (No slippers or slip in shoes.)


PE days will be on Fridays 23-24 school year. On PE days, students must wear:

  • NHCS PE t-shirt and Black athletic/sports shorts. 

  • Athletic shoes and socks.


Students are given the opportunity to wear free dress clothes every Monday. Clothes should be modest, in good taste, and appropriate for a Christian school. 

  Girls may wear:

  •  A dress (no spaghetti straps)

    • Dresses should be at least knee length. 

    • It is also recommended that girls wear shorts under their dress.

  • A shirt/top with a skirt, finger-tipped length shorts, capri pants, long pants, or jeans. (Finger-tip athletic shorts are acceptable, but no leggings, pajama bottoms)

  Boys may wear:

  • Appropriate T-shirt, pull-over, or buttoned-down shirt. 

  • Finger-tipped length shorts, long pants, or jeans. (Finger-tip athletic shorts are acceptable)

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