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Welcome to New Hope Christian School

Thank you for your interest in New Hope Christian School. The NHCS application process is designed for both the school and family to become acquainted with one another.  Please continue viewing and reading our website, and all forms and documents in the enrollment process. 


NHCS has an open enrollment philosophy, in that all are welcome to attend.  We do not allow any "opting out" of any class.  Families and student agree to being taught from a Biblical, Christian world view.  We do invite students and families to decide to become Christ followers, grow in discipleship and share their faith with others in speech and conduct. 
Applications for prospective students are processed on a first-come, first-served basis once all steps of the application process are complete. 
The application process for preschool includes:

  1. Submitting an application for admission. (Applications can be completed here on our website.)

  2. Submitting application fee of $55.

The application process for elementary and middle students include:

  1. Submitting an application for admission.  (Applications can be completed here on our website.)

  2. Submitting application fee of $55. 

  3. Submitting the previous year and current year report card (through the 1st semester).

  4. Completing an entrance test (to be scheduled after application and application fee are received).

Once all phases of the application are complete, you will receive an email to verify your application is complete.  Acceptance letters are sent out in the spring prior to the new school year. 



After you receive the Acceptance Letter - You will begin the enrollment process.

  1.  Read and complete all forms sent to you via email

  2.  Pay Comprehensive Fee (not refundable) and Deposit Fees 

  3.  Complete the FACT SIS (student information system) with requested information via FACTS SIS portal

  4.  Set up FACTS Managment for Tuition and optional service fee payments.  

NHCS will confirm all required forms are received and fees are paid, then your child will be considered enrolled in our school.

Should you have additional questions, feel free to email the school office at

Thank you!

NHCS Admin Team

To request more information:

Contact the NHCS Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm


You can also request more information with this form:

Thanks for submitting!

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